frequently asked questions

Do You Run In Winter?
Yes! It may get cold at times, but as long as the streets are safe we're still going.

What kind of payment do you accept?
All bookings are completed in advance, online through

What does it cost? 

The cost of a personalized running tour is US$60.00 for a run up to 3 mi / 5km, and $5 for each additional mile per person.

THEMED RUNS are a flat US$25.00 per participant. 

Why are payments processed in American dollars? 

Until 2016, City Running Tours was only in American cities.  Although Canada is now part of the network, much of our Toronto business is still dependent on visitors from  U.S., who will be booking in advance.  For now, as all bookings are handled through a single merchant system, it's just far easier than trying to set up a second payment option.

How long have you been doing this?
Toronto Guided Runs was founded in 2009 by Sue Pulfer. After retiring from a career as a software executive, Sue became an avid runner and triathlete. In order to share her running experiences she decided to launch Toronto Guided Runs (now City Running Tours Toronto).

She sounds pretty cool, but how long have you been doing this?
Oh, the Toronto Manager (Dan Grant) started leading bi-weekly routes in early 2014, guiding his RunTOBeer crew all over Toronto. 

RunTOBeer? What's that?

Toronto, Ontario is often called "T.O.", so as the name implies, it's a Toronto-based run crew that takes runners to beer.  RunTOBeer does free runs, every second weekend (sometimes more) to the best beer bars, brewpubs and craft breweries in the city. It's completely non-competitive and each runner is rewarded with a free beer at the end of their 3k, 5k or 10k run. You won't find a more fun & rewarding run crew in Canada. More details can be found on the RunTOBeer Facebook Group.

So wait... that's completely free? 

The run is free, the first beer is free (sometimes there are even door prizes) and new runners are always welcome.  If you want the full backstory, check out Canadian Running Magazine's Who is the new RunTOBeer crew?

Where can I find out about quality guided runs in other places?
Start with City Running Tours homepage for the best American destinations, and if you still haven't found what you're looking for, check out their Friends of CRT page.